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TK 71 Marvell Kirkwood  

  • 1,2GHz ARM compliant Marvell 88F6281
  • ROM 128MB NAND Flash
  • 7 Port USB Hub SMSC USB2517
  • Power supply Single 5V
  • Size Qseven 70mm x 70mm
  • Temp.-Range 0°C..70°C
Key Features
  • High-performance ARMv5TE-compliant CPU
  • Up to 1.2 Ghz operating speed
  • 256KB unifed 4-way, set-associative L2 cache
  • 16-bit DDR2 memory interface
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet MACs, one on-board PHY, 2nd  port available on Qseven interface
  • Precise Timing Protocol and Audio Video Bridging
  • Single PCI-Express port
  • USB 2.0 hub with 7 downstream ports
  • Two SATA 2.0 ports with integrated PHYs
  • Network security engine with various encryption algorithm support
  • Audio and MPEG Transport Stream Interface
  • Two TDM Channels, SDIO, SPI, TWSI, and Two UART interfaces



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